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My Services

Holistic Therapist

I offer a variety of modalities to help bring your body, mind and spirit into balance. I use an integrative and holistic approach to aid with the relief of symptoms, as well as helping you to feel more relaxed.

Clinical Reflexology

Incorporating the Chinese Elements

Reflexology is a technique that identifies areas in the feet and hands, which corresponds to all glands, organs and other parts of the body.  By using the fingers and thumbs, this stimulates the bodies healing powers, and helps to balance the bodies systems.


The Chinese Elements incorporates the use of the meridians (energy channels) from Traditional Chinese Medicine into the treatment.  This may aid the flow of energy within the body, helping to enhance well-being.

1 Hour                            £40.00

Indian Head Massage

Incorporating the head, upper arms and back

Indian Head Massage is a relaxing and calming massage which focuses on the head. It includes the upper back and arms, shoulders, neck and face.  A range of movements aids the relief of tension, stimulates circulation, and it helps to balance the body's systems.


30 Minutes                           £30.00

Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)
Accredited Practitioner

Bring Your Body Back to Balance and Health!

Some of the benefits of KCR:

Gentle and Non-Invasive

Safe for all Ages

Chronic Pain Relief

Energy Levels Improve

Improved Sports Performance


This protocol uses a series of medically accepted joint movements and muscle stretches to bring the body back into balance, often helping to alleviate a range of health issues and increasing energy levels.

Shoes and socks are removed, and clients are asked to wear stretchy trousers or leggings.

Listed below are some of the conditions which KCR has helped, and sometimes eliminated:

Bloating                                                                                                            Breathing Difficulties

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                                                                                   Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome                                                                                         Fibromyalgia

Insomnia                                                                                                   Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Migraine Headaches                                                                                Neck and Shoulder Pain

Pelvic Problems                                                                                                        Plantar Fascitis

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder                                                R.S.I. (Repetitive Strain Injury)

Scoliosis                                                                                                         Snoring/Sleep Apnoea

T.M.J. Dysfunction                                                                                                Teeth Clenching

Tennis Elbow                                                                                                             Wrist Problems

45-90 minutes                   £50.00


Reduce tension and stiffness

Massaging the tissues of the body to release the build up of tension in the muscles. This stimulates the bodies systems, to eliminate toxins, thus easing muscular aches and pains.

This massages can be vigorous, or gentle depending on the client's preference.

Back, Neck and Shoulders

45 Minutes                         £35.00


Full Body Massage

1 Hour                                £40.00


Learn to Meditate

Meditation is a practice that requires patience, where you learn to quiet the mind against the endless chatter or thoughts that come up, and when these arise, learning to observe and understand them without judgement before letting them go.  At the same time you are able to consciously relax your body.  There are many different types of meditations such as walking; focusing on an item such as a candle flame; mantra; or breath-work, where you concentrate on your breath and try to keep your attention on this.

One to one sessions for beginner and intermediate levels.

1 Hour     £15.00

6 Week Course           £60.00*

* A £30.00 non-refundable deposit is required for the 6 week course

Get in Touch

Reiki Training

Learn this gentle technique

Reiki 1 - Self Healing.  

After your course, you can do healing treatments on yourself, family, and friends.  Reiki promotes feelings of well-being, and can enhance everyday life.  Taught over two days, a manual and lunch are included.


Reiki 2 - Practitioner Level.

Continuing with self-healing, once the appropriate measures are in place, you will be able to perform treatments on others.  Taught over two days, a manual and lunch are included.  There will also be an opportunity for a follow up session after one month.


Reiki 3 - Master Practitioner Level (also known as Advanced Reiki Training).  

At this level you receive all the information that is given at Master Teacher Level, except the attunement techniques.  A manual and lunch are included for this two day course. You should allow approximately one year before moving on to the Master Teacher Level.


Reiki 4 - Master Teacher Level.

This level of training is carried out over a year with approximately one session per month, and is guided by your needs.  You are required to provide teaching Manuals for all four levels.  You will not need these until the final third of the course, when you will use them to teach a Reiki Master.  Lunch is included, and you will also receive a healing treatment at each session.

£75.00 per session


If you have a friend who also wishes to learn Reiki 1, 2, or 3, come together  I like to teach one or two people at a time, to ensure that students are confident and competent at the end of their course.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing takes many forms and is different for each person and each session.  Before a healing session takes place, I prepare by tuning into my client to find what healing practices are appropriate for them, at this time.  After your healing takes place, it will take time to fully integrate what has occurred, in some instances, this can be a few months, or even years.


Extraction Healing

Extraction Healing is used to remove misplaced energy from our physical, mental, emotional or energetic body.  Misplaced energy can occur due to negative thought patterns or during times of trauma such as injury or stress.  This can cause congestion within the body which can result in a person feeling powerless, or it could manifest as negative emotions such as anger, fatigue or physical pain and may eventually lead to ill health.  Once the energy is removed to be transformed by nature, healing energy is used to replace this.


Soul Retrieval

When we experience trauma or stress in our lives, part of our essence (or soul) may withdraw to help us cope with the situation.  This is called soul loss and there are many reasons that this can occur, such as an injury or accident, an abusive relationship, grief, or even being teased by a sibling or classmate.  Depression, relationship issues, and feeling separated from life are some of the symptoms of soul loss.  Many people report ‘that I haven’t felt the same since this incident’.  Soul Retrieval is a gentle process which helps to identify these lost parts which are ready to return and helps to bring these forward so that they can reintegrate to aid the healing process.


1 Hour                                                       £60.00

A Written Report of the Healing          £20.00

Other Shamanic Practices


Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

During this session you will learn how to undertake a Shamanic Journey.

You will carry out two journeys, one to find your Power Animal and another to find a Spirit Guide.  Drumming or rattling to a specific beat helps your brainwaves to move into a dreamlike state where you can begin your journey and when it is time to finish the journey the rhythm will change to bring you back.

2 Hours

1 Person                         £90.00

Garden of the Soul (Shamanic Counselling)

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying is a prerequisite for Garden of the Soul work.

Garden of the Soul work consists of six sessions where you undertake shamanic journeys to find answers to any questions you may have.  Over a six week period you are guided by your practitioner to look deep within and you may gain a greater understanding and insights for moving forward with your life.

£40.00 per Session


6 session package - £200 includes one free session
Pay for 5 Garden of the Soul sessions before attending and get one session FREE

The 6 sessions should be completed within  8 weeks.


Natural Healing

Reiki translates as 'Universal Life Force Energy'.  Helping to balance the body physically, mentally and emotionally.  This gentle treatment promotes the bodies own ability to heal itself.

30 Minutes                         £30.00


1 Hour                                £40.00

Thai Foot Massage

An Ancient Healing Technique

Thai Foot Massage is a unique therapy that combines acupressure and stretching with applied yoga exercises to balance the body’s energy.  Massage is applied to the feet and lower legs using fingers, thumbs and a wooden acupressure tool.  This therapy works on pressure points along the Sens Lines (energy lines) of the body.

1 hour                                   £40.00

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