Rock in Sand

Having had back spasms for months, I could barely believe that one treatment could make such a difference! Julie’s approach is gentle and loving and I can thoroughly recommend her healing hands. She is very knowledgeable and explains all the movements she is making so nothing comes as a surprise. As a massage therapist myself I certainly learned something new.


I saw an advert for KCR online and was interested to see if it could help me with my bloating and overall well being. I have definitely seen some positive changes after 2 sessions. Julie is very good and makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable during our sessions. I would definitely recommend giving KCR a try and especially with Julie.


Julie’s KCR is amazing, the effects of your treatment continue long after leaving the cabin. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Julie is extremely professional, especially during these strange times despite having to comply with PPE and Covid requirements the treatment is still very in depth and personal to your specific needs.


I would thoroughly recommend KCR with Julie.  I have had three treatments which have greatly improved my symptoms. I felt much lighter and more energetic. Julie's treatment room ---DAISY---on entering gives an instant feeling of relaxation.

I broke two bones in my wrist and when the nurses re-set my bones I knew it knocked me off balance. However, there was little I could do until my cast was removed and I was able to move more freely.
I made an appointment with Julie for KCR and upon arrival was put immediately at ease with her gentle approach. The treatment was surprisingly understated although I felt immediate relief in my neck and shoulders. Julie worked on my wrist and it became more supple, reducing the aches, especially the shooting pain that was transferring up my right arm.
Immediately prior to the procedure, I was feeling quite lethargic, my head fuzzy and unclear. I had decided that after the session, I would go home to sleep.
During the session, I was aware that my energy levels were rising along with a gradual returning of clearer concentration. I was amazed at the immediacy.
It all continued after I left, feeling buoyant and energised. When I got ready for bed that evening I realised that all the accumulated stress that I habitually stored in my neck and shoulders had been released. I slept better than I had since I broke my bones, my wrist now unlocked and although still a degree of tenderness, pain-free.
That night and the following fortnight, my dreams were vivid and revealing, seeming to continue the releasing on an entirely different level.
I couldn't recommend KCR and Julie's approach and gentle application of the process more highly.


Having suffered back spasms over the years and been given only tablets for them, I contacted Julie and after just one session, I was feeling so much better. I’ve been back for another session and would recommend anyone with similar back problems to try Julie.


"I had a session with Julie at the beginning of this week i didn't know what to expect but although you are manoeuvred into different positions it was very relaxing. This whole week I felt as if I was walking on air a very light feeling. I also breezed through my gym hour and felt full of energy. Would highly recommend a visit. Thank you Julie see you again soon."


I recently had two sessions of KCR after having a baby a few weeks prior.  I was suffering from pain in my pelvis area.  KCR helped ease the pain significantly.  I highly recommend this treatment and would definitely go back to Julie who is very professional and confident at what she does.


I am a builder and suffer from back pain due to heavy lifting.  I couldn't believe the difference after one session of KCR.  The pain in my back eased immensely.  I also felt instant relief in both wrists.  I would highly recommend Julie and would go back for more sessions.

S Leader

I won the KCR treatment and was welcomed into Julie’s home and her comfortable treatment room,I found the treatment very relaxing, which I find hard to do! Lots of moving about the table to move the joints. The relaxation continued for 3 days after and I felt my body was lighter. Thank you Julie


"Getting prodded and poked in all the right places has banished the stiffness and knots that had taken up residency in my back, neck and shoulders. Feeling Great." Thanks Juls x